Donald T. Warner Community Service Award

Almost every year since 1996, HYSB has presented the prestigious Donald T. Warner Community Service Award to a local resident who has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to children and families. Donald T. Warner was a founding member of HYSB’s Board of Directors and epitomized the dedication to community service recognized by the annual award. The award is presented at a community celebration that highlights the invaluable contributions of the year’s award recipient and the generosity of so many in our community.

Alice Blum Yoakum

2018 Donald T. Warner Community Service Award Recipient

Alice, who has lived in Lakeville since 1962, has a history of community service that began in 1975 when she joined the Salisbury Planning and Zoning Commission. She went on to contribute her time, energy and expertise to the Salisbury Board of Finance, Sickness Prevention Achieved Through Regional Collaboration (SPARC), and the Madeline B. Wildes Trust. Alice was a member of HYSB’s Advisory Board, was a founding member of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation and serves on the board of the Community Foundation for Health. Alice has led by example and her dedication and many contributions have made the Northwest Corner a better and healthier place to live.

Past Recipients of the Donald T. Warner Community Service Award

2016 - Tribute to Past Recipients

2015 - Bill and Sue Morrill, Salisbury

2013 - Diane and Clive Lodge, Kent

2012 - Lea Davies, Sharon

2011 - Carl Williams, Salisbury

2010 - Lynn Nania, North Canaan

2009 - Artgarage founders: Joel Schapira, Diane Schapira, Amy Jenkins, James Meyer, and Sandy Dennis

2008 - Val Bernardoni, formerly of Salisbury

2007 - Ella Clark, West Cornwall

2006 - George Wheeler, North Canaan

2004 - Nancy Bird, Sharon

2002 - Charlotte Reid, Salisbury

2000 - Jack Mahoney, Falls Village

1999 - Diane Hewat, Salisbury

1998 - Theodora Bury, Cornwall

1997 - Therese Duncan, Kent

1996 - Gordon Johnson, DVM, Salisbury