Counseling Services

A teenage boy in a counseling session

No-Cost Counseling

Healing and growth are possible and you don’t have to take this journey alone. HYSB counselors are here to support, nurture, guide and listen. They provide services on-site at the six Region 1 elementary/middle schools and meet with children and families at Housatonic Valley Regional High School and HYSB’s office on the high school campus in Falls Village.

At HYSB, our clinicians treat each child as an individual and work to assess their particular needs and those of their families. Our counselors are trained to help youth and families deal with depression, anxiety, school phobia, trauma, suicidal thoughts, divorce, substance abuse and other mental health issues. We believe that caring for yourself is essential and that you are the expert in your own life. We are there to collaborate with compassion to help you reach your short- or long-term goals.

Our therapists are trained in many effective approaches to mental health, including trauma-focused and other types of cognitive behavioral theory, yoga and mindfulness and motivational interviewing.


During the last school year, we provided more than 700 hours of FREE counseling for youth and families in Region 1. They ran the gamut from helping elementary school kids improve their social skills to interventions in serious cases of trauma and abuse. Each day, we help young people understand themselves better, gain confidence and make healthy decisions. The support we provide translates directly into more positive futures for the young people growing up in our community.

During the past year alone, HYSB provided counseling in 51 cases of clients diagnosed with mental health disorders, including depression, social phobia, anxiety, hair pulling, trauma and neglect. Our Masters level counselors intervened in 14 cases involving suicidal thoughts and self-harm. They collaborated with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, law enforcement and other mental health providers in 21 cases and worked with the Juvenile Review Board to seek alternatives to the criminal justice system for two young people facing charges. The full value of these counseling hours can only be measured by the countless improvements in the daily lives of the young people served.

A child's crayon drawing of her family

"We never expected to need the services of the HYSB. But after months of social distress at school, our elementary school daughter needed more help than we could offer. Enter excellent resource for us as parents."

A father in his 30s

"HYSB provided a safe place for me to talk about everything happening in my life. It was just what I needed."

17-year old client