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Pie chart showing HYSB's annual budget. $350,000 total. 21% comes from foundation grants and contracts. 23% comes from town and state governments. 55% comes from business community and individuals.

The Northwest Corner is a place of incredible natural beauty. But the beautiful surroundings often mask the troubling lives of children, teens and families living in our community. Some suffer the daily effects of income inequality, trauma, addiction and emotional strife. Others face social awkwardness, insecurities and peer pressures that can bring on anxiety, school phobia and depression. HYSB is one of the only mental health providers for youth in Region 1, and area young people and families increasingly turn to us to meet their needs for emotional support.

Generous individuals and businesses provide more than half of HYSB’s $350,000 budget each year. We also receive funding from town and state governments, foundation grants and contracts for services. Without your generous support our experienced counselors would not be there to help turn young lives around and give our youth the chance to flourish.

Where Your Money Goes

HYSB does something extraordinary. We provide professional mental health services for FREE. At market rates of between $75-$150 or more an hour, the free counseling services provided by HYSB in one year would have cost the families we serve roughly $556,000.


Provides one hour of free counseling with a Masters level trained clinician


Covers the costs of a social skills program for elementary school students


Covers a summer internship for a teen

Your Impact

Infographic: HYSB provides services to 1 in 15 youth and families living in these communities
Infographic: HYSB provides more than 700 hours of free counseling annually
Infographic: there have been more than 100 participants in HYSB's Empowering Young Women project.

My experience at HYSB has been fantastic! The counselors there are incredibly patient, kind, and understanding. I'd recommend the program for any student who needs any sort of help, or simply needs a listening ear.

A teenage boy surrounded by happy friends
18-year old client

Coming here is helping me take care of myself better.

A teenage girl smiles during a counseling session
16-year old client